Adams Physical Therapy Staff Photo 2020

Our Practice

At Adams Physical Therapy, we provide hands-on therapy for a broad range of conditions and disorders. We provide service to all age groups from pediatric to geriatric and all ages in between.

Although we specialize in the treatment of orthopedic conditions, we are well equipped to address both neurological and various types of geriatric issues.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a branch of care that focuses on restoring and rehabilitating one’s physical health.  It is a conservative method addressing the treatment, healing, prevention and education of injuries and physical impairments.

What makes Physical Therapy Better at Adams Physical Therapy?

Our physical therapists has the experience and dedication to give you solutions for your physical health needs.  Our commitment to complete rehabilitation means we evaluate and diagnose your condition to find the underlying source of the problem.  By treating the underlying source, it is less likely to reoccur.

With extensive areas of expertise in physical rehabilitation, we specialize in providing hands on care, quick-release techniques, targeted-therapeutic exercise and use of applied modalities to eliminate your pain, promote healing while striving to restore your body’s function and movement.  Whether you’re seeing us for issues related to aging, injury, disease or environmental factors, our mission remains the same: To provide you with quality care while getting you back to full capacity.