Michael Siefker, PTA

Michael Siefker


We are happy to share that Mike, alumni of  Bowling Green State University 15′ and Owens Community College ’17  with his bachelors  degree in exercise science, has been with our offices for 3 years now. Learn more about him below.

Why did you choose this career path?

“I enjoy making people feel happy. Whether that is telling a joke and making others laugh or taking away their back pain. Physical therapy is about getting the most out of your patients abilities and it is a very fulfilling feeling. People helping people.”

Why do you like working for Adams Physical Therapy?

“I enjoy that Adams Physical Therapy is a privately owned clinic. Roy is always encouraging and challenging us as therapist to be the very best we can be so that we can keep our outstanding reputation. The coworkers also make the job not feel like work and we can always have fun while providing excellent care.”

What has been your most “unforgettable moment or WIN” achieved while being a part of the Adams Physical Therapy team?

“2 years ago, a patient came into therapy in a wheelchair after being in a car accident and bed ridden for months. She had become fearful of walking and standing. After months of therapy with me she was able to fully get off of all assistive devices and walk independently. She was able to return to her regular life and avoided being wheel chair bound which is a great win in my book.”

Some Fun Facts/ Hidden talents/ Hobbies that may surprise you?

“Okay so… I can make an origami swan, I know the lyrics to every song on any Biggie Smalls record, and my favorite hobby is being an Uncle to my nephew and 2 nieces. Be sure to stop in and see me.”