Health Track

We Track Wellness For You

Adams Physical Therapy presents HealthTrack. Whether you want to lose weight, prepare your body for your upcoming athletic season, or simply improve your overall health; HealthTrack can help you get there. Our program gives you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a wellness coach who specializes in nutrition and strength and conditioning.

Whether you have a goal to lose weight, get your body in shape for your upcoming sports season, or you just have a desire to become healthier; Health Track can help you achieve your goals.

Not every body is the same, so why should every workout be the same? At HealthTrack your personal wellness Coach we create a program to fit you, rather than fit you into a program. Each session contains a variation of exercises that keep your body guessing, your workouts exciting, and give you maximum results.

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HealthTrack Pricing:
(All sessions are 60 min)
Individual Session: $18
2 People: $30
3 People: $36
Group/Team (4 or more): $75
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“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do 
what others can’t.”